Our portfolio

Most recent examples of our consulting services include the following:

Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Brief description: IRSHAD Consulting is supporting implementation of the ADB funded project 'Youth and Employment Survey in Dushanbe'. Our team is undertaking the tracer survey, focusing on 300 randomly chosen youth who entered or are about to enter the labor market as a coping strategy. This is a longitudinal study of young people's current economic status, time utilization and job search experiences. Our findings and recommendations will provide an insight into policy, institutional and civil society interventions to help youth in Tajikistan.
Duration of assignment: March 2020 - May 2021.

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
Brief description: IRSHAD Consulting is supporting implementation of the project 'Financing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Tajikistan', which is co-financed by UNICEF, UNDP and UN Women. Our team is undertaking a diagnosis of systemic off-budget bottlenecks (including alternative and innovative financing modalities) and budgeting systems, and developing and supporting operationalization of a tool for tracking and reporting of on-budget SDG financing in Tajikistan. The purpose of the assignment is to ensure that the Government of Tajikistan has sufficient financial resources, which would increase its ability and likelihood of achieving national SDG targets by 2030.
Duration of assignment: October 2020 - April 2021.

World Bank
Brief description: IRSHAD Consulting has supported the roll out of public expenditure reviews (PER) in Tajikistan. In particular, our team has provided technical input for stocktaking of the progress in public finance management (PFM) reform implementation by the Government of Tajikistan vis-a-vis recommendations from development partners, and the rapid review of legislative and regulatory framework in PFM. Individually, our team members are also contributing to drafting several PER chapters.
Duration of assignment: April 2020 - March 2021.

Swiss Cooperation Office (SCO)
Brief description: IRSHAD Consulting is supporting SCO Tajikistan by undertaking a rapid stocktaking of the status of reform implementation and an overview of the governance environment in Tajikistan, with the focus on public finance management (PFM), anti-corruption agenda, and public investment management (PIM). Our findings and recommendations will potentially serve as entry points and feed into design of future project interventions by SCO Tajikistan to advance governance reform.
Duration of assignment: January 2021 - February 2021.

The full list of our completed projects and consulting services may be provided upon request.