Suppliers And Partners

IRSHAD Consulting works closely with all our clients to design, deliver and assess projects that will have maximum development impact, economic rationale, and value for money. We continuously seek new partnerships with aid agencies, non-profit organizations, governments and businesses, and are open for business which is built on trust, competence and integrity.

We believe that honesty, collaboration and responsiveness are the keys to success in our relationships with a wide range of clients. Our partners and clients should expect that we always strive to give advice clearly and robustly, following through on our commitments and adherence to deadlines. We are open and transparent with our clients and seek clarity in all our communications.

We work in collaboration with a large range of clients, including government ministries, international development agencies, multilateral organisations such as development banks, as well as several bilateral aid agencies which have a development footprint in Central Asia. We also actively communicate and engage with academic and research institutions, non-profit organizations, and other consulting firms.

Through our growing network of experts, IRSHAD Consulting works to ensure that our clients can draw on the support and services that best fit their need, wherever they are based. This means that, together, we are better able to ensure the delivery of our mission, and that geographical distance need not be a barrier to engaging in impactful work.

If you are interested in partnering with IRSHAD Consulting or drawing on our expertise, please contact us at