Ethics and compliance

IRSHAD Consulting is committed to upholding ethical business practices and integrity through stringent policies and processes. Our Board, the executive team and experts recognize that disciplined performance is at the core of behaving ethically and in compliance with host nation laws and policies.

Fundamentally, IRSHAD Consulting complies with Anti Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Policy, which is applied across the entire company, as well as all sub-contractors and individual consultants. The Board oversees adherence to and promotion of a culture of compliance through regular communication and ethical standards with all employees and sub-contracted entities.

We follow our Code of Conduct, which outlines ethical guidelines and compliance fundamentals to our staff and experts to establish, monitor and enforce standards, policies, and procedures to identify and prevent illegal, unethical or improper conduct. Our internal procedures ensure that our work is legally and financially sound, transparent and contributes to establishing trusting relationships with our clients.

We are proud of our corporate culture, where ethics and integrity are the core of our work. Delivering needs-based professional advisory services and acting ethically allow us to earn our clients’ trust.

If you have a question or concern on ethics or compliance that you would like to communicate, please contact All inquiries will be reviewed and responded to appropriately.