Who We Are

We are an international consulting company that partners with aid agencies, non-profit organizations, governments and businesses in Central Asia. We primarily serve our region but will consider projects and engagement opportunities in other countries across broader Eurasia, including the Caucasus region, Afghanistan and Mongolia. IRSHAD Consulting has been established on the premise that the challenges facing public and private sector require advanced quality of professional consulting services.

IRSHAD Consulting was founded in April 2019 upon official registration as a limited liability company under the legal jurisdiction of the Republic of Tajikistan. The name of the company is inspired by its Tajik (Persian) roots and translates as "guidance," "instruction" or "edification." Our company's logo reflects the name of the company and points forward, which is what we strive to achieve in our work - positive progress and forward thinking, while fostering resilience to withstand socio-economic disturbances and achieving tangible results.

Professionals with relevant experience and skills, valuable networks of decision makers, familiarity with local context, and knowledge of local languages are often in short supply. IRSHAD Consulting makes sure that this demand is met and geared towards making a positive difference in our lives. Our core team of professionals based in Tajikistan and other countries in Central Asia consists of 10 hand-picked experts, and our growing database of local and international consultants comprises nearly 50 experts in the field with an average of 15 years of professional experience. In addition to our core team actively engaged in research and development work, we continuously draw on a rich body of evidence, knowledge and best practice possessed by our pool of experts.